Technical support during maintenance or modification:

  •  Address :Maintenance cost negotiation with MRO

     MRO assessment and relationship

     To ensure costing and maintenance of aircraft during MRO

Asset recovery repossession lease restructuring activities:

  •  To recover the aircraft from ailing operator

     Repossession process management

     To liaison with concern regulatory authority to get permission for ferry

     To evaluate the lease agreement as per current market scenario

Aircraft induction, delivery, redelivery management :

  •  On-site logistics management inspection, record review, document scans, ferry and acceptance flights

     To ensure all the prerequisite requirements should be met for induction of aircraft to the airlines subsequently during de induction process

Technical services record & physical representation:

  •  Authentications of records properly

     Review of engineering orders and SB and EO

     Aircraft physical representation during MRO

Aircraft, engine lease agreement evaluation:

  •  Review of lease agreement conditions should be met at delivery

     Aircraft and engines lease & purchase agreement consulting

     Workscope preparation before redelivery

Boroscope inspection of engine & APU :

  •  Liaison for men and material for inspection

     To review engine BSI data

     To review APU BSI data

Setup in airline startup function :

  •  To prepare the documentation which relates to fulfillment of the requirements before the startup of the airlines.

     To take the regulatory requirement approval of the country

Airframe and engine valuation :

  •  Review current market value of airframe and engine

     Review of life limited parts of airframe and engine

Lease and prepurchase inspection :

  •  To provide a recommendation as to whether to purchase the aircraft and the associated costs of returning the aircraft to service on a lease

     Review of the aircraft records and physical inspection of aircraft

Transition between operators :

  •  To ensure aircraft delivery from one operator to another operator

     Technical logistics management and project handling for deliveries

Operator technical audits or mid term audits :

  •  To ensure aircraft conditions and review of technical records data includes preservation and scanning

     Development of independent, internal air carrier, training & MRO audits

Asset management:

  •  Assessment of maintenance reserve/supplemental rent claims

     To review of aircraft records

     Aircraft physical conditions

Aircraft records Digitization :