About Us

What we do best?

Eshwari aviation is a group of people who have vast experience in aviation industry and their aim is to deliver high standards of result to their customers. Our focus is to provide aircraft asset management, CAMO Service in the field of civil aviation.

01 Service

Aircraft Asset Management

We offer package of aircraft on-lease services ensuring clients with comfort of continually managing and monitoring their asset and/or associated aircraft lease
02 Service

Technical Advisory Services

We offer aircraft technical specification evaluation, maintenance reserve claim support & forecasting, aircraft physical inspections, and detailed list of (BFE) equipment
03 Service

Management Consultants

We provides aviation management consulting services to financial institutions, banks, airlines & MRO. We specialize exclusively in the general aviation segment of the industry
04 Service

Aircraft Utility Management

We provides with assessment of maintenance reserve/supplemental rent claims. We also review the aircraft records & it's physical conditions.
Why work with us?
  • 1. Commitment To Customers
    Our technical team is fully task orientated and set forth to meet customer's satisfaction in an organised & timely manner.
  • 2. Flexibility And Adaptability
    Our technical team is fully flexible with all types of situations and is able to cope up peer pressure.
  • 3. Core Competence
    We have wide knowledge of field areas that can be dealt during any kind of projects.
  • 4. Highly Skilled Team Members
    We have highly skilled and experienced team working for a variety of aviation clients around the world. Our team members are strongly encouraged to support each other finding the best solutions for our clients.
  • 5. Cost Effective Team Support To Customers
    We provide cost effective team support to customers & are able to locate critical areas where cost can be reduced for the customers.
  • 6. Team Work & Trust
    Teamwork allows our team members to take greater responsibility for decision making and also allows them to control more of the work process thus creating a work environment which excels at creativity. This enables us to easily achieve our goals & cultivate customer's trust by providing great service.